Priesthood of Archangel Michael

Priesthood of Archangel Michael.
For the Ascension of the Human Being.
You will be sent study material and tuning once a week.
Each week will be a new material.

All course will be by distance.



What are the benefits of this Archangel Michael Priesthood?
• Faith.
• Justice.
• Will.
• Direction.
• Perfection.
• Constancy.
• Courage.
• Force.
• Truth.
• Integrity.
• Connection with the blue flame of Archangel Michael.
• Connection with the Angels of Archangel Michael.
• Initiation with the tools of Archangel Michael.
• Connection with the four elements of Archangel Michael.
• Altar of Archangel Michael.
• And much more.

At the end of the entire process you will be certified, you will earn the rank of Archangel Michael Priest and you will be able to teach people to the Priests of Archangel Michael.
If you wish to participate in this Priest just send an e-mail to